About Us

Stadium Capital Finance Group (SCFG) is a full service provider specializing in customized opportunities to meet sports teams and universities specific needs and goals. Our financing options include options for new stadium construction as well as renovation and expansion of existing stadiums. For college and universities, financing options provide capital to build endowment balances that grows tax free as well as capital for non revenue sports.

SCFG has developed a unique and proprietary financing method for sports teams, universities, and sports /entertainment venues. With our method, capital of $50 million to $500 million can be raised without incurring debt or selling equity. Proceeds can be used to repay debt, build or renovate facilities, build an endowment for a university, or provide liquidity for team owners which could be used in variety of ways. Additionally, the process is “fan friendly”, providing long-term protection from escalating ticket prices and guaranteeing long-term access to premium seating.

Frequently Asked Questions

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